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Los Angeles defines the so-called California lifestyle. Sunshine days, warm nights, sandy beaches  laidback style and Hollywood cool! LA is well known for its movie studios, Malibu, Hollywood and Beverly Hills. Less known is how well the entire Los Angeles/SoCal area down to San Diego are ideal destinations for Incentive, Meetings and  Conferences. Near perfect weather helps us create indoor and outdoor programs that amaze.  Hotels in the city, on the beaches, in the hills, plus great flights make this a prime destination over and over. Los Angeles has something for everyone and your delegates will be awed by this diverse and multicultural city. The focus of our Los Angeles DMC is to create an unforgettable incentive or conference program in this wonderful city and region.

San Francisco is named one of America's most charming cities. Set on a bay in northern California, the hills of San Francisco have charmed visitors for hundreds of years. A unique trolley system, a Fisherman's wharf, the Golden Gate Bridge and great dinning help make San Francisco the preferred destination for many Meeting and Incentives. Adding to its allure, San Francisco sits just a hour from famed Silicon Valley the hotel to Google, Apple, Facebook and more; and just 90 minutes to some of the best wine country in the world-Napa and Sonoma Valleys. Quaint vineyards, outstanding dinning and wonderful scenery add to the magic of this area. Sprawling cities, cute villages, niche neighborhoods, the seashore and wine country are part of the story. Ideal for incentives that need to be special; perfect for meeting that have top offer more. Our West Coast experts bring the region to life with special venues, restaurants and activities.  

Dominating the American Northwest is Seattle. Tucked in the upper west corner of the US mainland, Seattle is just an hour or so north of Portland, Oregon and less then two hours from Canada's Vancouver. What makes Seattle and the Northwest region special is that is home to some of the most beautiful scenery in the country- green expanses, harborside, soaring mountains, hundreds of offshore islands while the home base for companies like: Starbucks, Amazon and Microsoft. The region has outstanding seafood supply which has created a devoted following of restaurateurs. Interesting venues, wine country and off shore retreats help make this a new destination for Incentives and Meetings. 

The American Midwest is 'America's Heartland'. With a rich industrial and agricultural base, the Midwest has a lot to offer a conference or incentive. Chicago, St Louis, Minneapolis and Detroit are several of the bigger cities in the region. Events teams from  Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Automotive, Finance and Manufacturing love these choices. They are big cities with a Midwest charm. Chicago is particularly known for its many, many meeting and conferences. Yet Incentives are equally drawn to the Midwest for their entertainment, music, regional cuisine and friendly welcomes. Our dedicated team of Midwest experts have lived and worked in the area and know it very well. 

The East Coast of the US has several wonderful destination cities. All are located along the Atlantic corridor  and have wonderful air access. Boston is the home of the American Revolution with historic sites, iconic building and great dinning in a city set on a harbor. Washington, DC, the nation's capital, is filled with great monuments, iconic building, and a fantastic array of hotels and restaurants. Once a sleepy political town DC is now a destination city for Meetings and Incentives. Between New York and DC, is Philadelphia, a bit of a hidden gem, with a vibrant downtown, inventive and high quality dinning and enough hotels to activities to excite anyone. These metropolises bring a big city buzz to every event, incentive and meeting. Tall buildings, historic sites, iconic views define these ocean based cities. Our local team takes special pride in bringing to life these cities for meeting and incentive clients. 'Bucket list' musts for very good reason - they create very special memories.

The 'new' American South represents some of the most in-demand sites for Meetings, Incentives and Events. Cities like Nashville, New Orleans(NOLA), Atlanta and Memphis are very populate. The moderate to warm temperatures make this region a outdoor paradise 10 months a year. Then the unique geography that can include: wide rivers, bayous, and lakes add other features. Yet is is the exciting nightlife of entertainment, music and rooftop parties that have added their pull. An ideal place to host meetings, incentives and conferences these cities have played host to auto manufactures, Pharma companies, Finance and Insurance clients. The region has a unique vibe that is part south, part west and part everywhere. Where NOLA is known for its good times, great food and fun, Nashville is sophistication mixed with country music and rooftop parties. The unique venues and restaurants enhance any program. Riverboats, whiskey making, great jazz and country music make these cities idea for meeting and events. Our team knows just the perfect place, hotel and activity to excite any client. 

The American Southwest is one of the most interesting places in the US. Within a golden triangle in Texas alone, the cities of Dallas, Houston and Austin offer great sites for Incentive and Meeting groups. While Dallas is the more cosmopolitan of the cities, it is also the place where you can find cattle drives and real ranches just 45 minutes form town. Houston is a bit more local with a distinctive vibe and friendliness. Austin is booming with everything from tech to music. Once a laze capital city, Austin is alive with a pulse like no other. And just south of Austin is the city of San Antonio with its famed Riverwalk and Hill Country. Texas can be as sophisticated or a 'cowboy' as you like- either way its a great place for an Incentive or Meeting. The venues are truly unique and the food can be regional or classic. Our team loves managing programs in Texas.

DMC Profile

American Guest brings a ‘solutions architect’ vision to Incentive, Meeting and Event planning. We bring a creativity, quality and attention to detail that clients more closely align with the service of a fine hotel concierge. The term ‘DMC’ never fully describes the uniqueness we bring to each client request. The creative energy, special features, and programme content are designed with only that client’s objectives and corporate culture in mind. Our across-the-country as well as our cross-boarder programmes are built from the ground up with their own set of goals and plans.

American Guest was formed in 2002 by John Williams and Richard Williams. Initially with a New York Metro area focus, as the company evolved, we expanded to organizing and managing MICE programmes across the country and the continent. Today, we plan and manage programmes for the USA Canada and beyond.

Our Team crafts exceptional programmes for Meetings, Incentives, Congresses, Trade Shows, Product Launches, IPO’s and one off special events; as well as high-end VIP and leisure clients. The team is multilingual in eight languages and is multicultural as well.

As a corporate ‘solution architect’, we provide curated event planning services globally and craft bespoke programmes for corporate clients, event management agencies, associations and other organizations.

As a full-service planning solutions architect, clients use us for some or all of these needs: Concepts, design, sourcing and contracting hotels & venues, restaurants, activities, transportation, entertainment, promotions and other ancillary services. Every aspect of meetings as well. We proudly manage programmes from  'Manhattan to Maui', into Canada and Beyond. 

We directly manage every programme to its successful conclusion. We welcome groups from 15 VIP’s to several thousands attending a congress or meeting. 

Memberships & Awards

American Guest is full accredited and is a Limited Liability Company organized under the laws of the US and New York State. We have comprehensive general liability that is currently at $2Million USD and additional umbrella insurance coverages that exceed $4 Million USD: and can access special insurance coverages for larger programmes.

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