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Charity & Sustainability


Tuesday’s Children
American Guest traces our origins to just after the 9/11 events in New York. In a time of incredible challenge, a very special organization, Tuesday’s Children, was born and we have been associated with them ever since.

Tuesday’s Children is dedicated to supporting the children who lost a parent to the events of that day. Taking a leadership role, John Williams, our President, volunteered himself and our company to directly work to assist these children who would grow up without a parent(s).

To that end, John volunteered to mentor two young boys who would have grown up without a male presence. On a regular basis, John spends time with them (away from his own family) at ball games or similar events. He escorts them to programs with similar children who suffered due to 9/11. Importantly, he counsels them on goals, friends, behavior, studying, college applications and dozens of other topics. As they grew into young adulthood, American Guest introduced them to our hospitality business. The caring and personal commitment remain as strong today as it was in the beginning.


Battered and Abused Women
American Guest is an ardent supporter of those who are abused or battered as children or as a wife. To register our support, American Guest has donated office equipment and furniture to that cause including one donation worth over $10,000.

Other Charities

On a routine basis, American Guest will donate financially to a wide array of charitable causes; those aimed at the least fortunate and often with the lowest public awareness.

Our efforts are in bridging client programs with end of line suppliers in sustainable efforts. It may be in food selection, in favoring local purveyors, seeking only locally seasonal items for a menu, looking for biodegradable materials and a dozen other methods that we support these goals.