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Explore! A day as a fisherman



A short ride by train and local truck away from Bangkok, the world of hard-working, friendly fishermen awaits you. Pick cockles, learn how to make Thai desserts and get a hands-on experience of life around beautiful mangrove forests and hidden canals.




A marriage of ecological endeavours to secure a sustainable fishing future for generations to come with an active, hands-on element to it lies deep in the heart of Samut Sakorn, a short train ride from Bangkok. Capturing fishing essentials from morning until afternoon with ample opportunities to mingle with various generations of fishing professionals, this truly describes the word “authenticity” from all angles.

The local vibe goes deep during this explore Asia experience: each visitor gets the chance to understand the local community and environment and the importance of planting mangroves in the area. This trip directly supports the local fisherman family and helps keep the spirit of agro-tourism strong.


09:00 - 16:30

We will pick you up in the morning from our meeting point at Exit 1 of Wong Wian Yai BTS Station at around 9 am. From here, we head out to the local train station that rails away from Bangkok and follows the coastline to Bang Khun Tian, a small community that lives and works what the sea provides. Surrounded by mangrove forests, small hidden canals and the sea just a stone’s throw away, a more authentic side of Thailand simply cannot be given. From here, we board a ‘song taew’ (local truck) to the farm, just a few kilometres away from the sea.

Our day starts with a visit to a shrimp and cockle farmer who will show you how this very traditional means of labour is still very much effective. It is a delight to see each guest partaking in this maritime farming method as a very fun-filled activity when mingling with the locals. A workshop is next on the program: using only natural dye and material and under the guidance of one of the teachers and apprentices, making tie-dye handkerchiefs will be easy and something to take home with you as a souvenir.

A freshly cooked seafood lunch by one of the local families will break up the day to exchange the morning experiences with your fellow travellers before Uncle Sorn, our host for the day, guides us from a local boat pier for a scenic canal tour. If you really want to get further into the cockle picking, bring an extra pair of clothes. One has to go waist-deep in the muddy waters to fine-tune your cockle-picking skills. There are also kayaks available to explore the community along the canal.

Finally, it is time to say goodbye as we embark on the boat, bus and train journey back to city life in Bangkok and the place where we started in the morning. Arrival at Wong Wian Yai BTS Station where we end the day.


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