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Hong Kong's Hullett House

Asia’s rich culture is increasingly being utilised to deliver exceptional meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions. The continent’s early trade links with the West and subsequent mercantile development were factors that yielded a wealth of historical colonial properties.

All of these structures have a story to tell and Asian Trails’ expert event planners incorporate this fascinating heritage into our unique MICE products. Inspirational experiences range from an incentive dinner held at a former statesman’s palace, to an exhibition in a previously off-limits, high-security government building.

We deliver business events that merge diverse domestic culture with colonial charm and in settings that transport delegates back in time so they leave with lasting memories


Former bank delivers Gallic flair 

Located in one of Phnom Penh’s grandest buildings and formerly the site of the Bank of Indochina during the French Protectorate era of the 1900s, Palais de la Poste has meticulously retained its colonial elegance.

Situated in the city centre and renowned as one of the capital’s leading restaurants, this 80-seat venue bathes in a design that was at the forefront of chic style 120 years ago. The interior contains ornate ceilings, mosaic tiles and stained glass windows. The original vault where valuables were once safeguarded is a central feature.

Dishes are presented with a decorative flourish to match the fine setting – the perfect place for an incentive event.


 Rebirth of Shanghai slaughterhouse

As a leading architectural icon in Shanghai, reminiscent of the art deco style once prominent across the metropolis, 1933 Shanghai Slaughterhouse stands out from the crowd for MICE activities.

The cutting-edge architecture includes 26 sky bridges, narrow spiral staircases, twisting ramps and over 300 Gothic columns spread over an expansive 31,700-sq-m site. As the name implies, this venue was the leading slaughterhouse in East Asia during the 1930s. Ninety years later, it is one of the most in-demand places for food and beverages, events and product presentations.

The building’s ‘Gotham City’ appearance has been used as a backdrop in many films and this atmospheric environment provides unique dining and meeting space.


Bangkok building with a majestic tie

A fine neoclassical building, with a royal connection, offers exclusive events close to Bangkok’s Chao Phraya River. House No.1 dates back to the era of King Chulalongkorn (Rama V) and it is built on a site that was directed for development by this progressive monarch.

It is located on Captain Bush Lane, a thoroughfare named after an English sea captain who became the capital’s first harbour master and a loyal servant to Thai royalty. The beautiful structure has been restored to its former glory and is the ideal venue for refined dining, product launches and informal business gatherings.

The property has capacity for 300 delegates who have the option of arriving by boat.


Artistic setting for Jakarta events

Dating back to 1914, the Tugu Kuntskring Paleis stands proud as one of the most complete architectural examples of colonial architecture in Jakarta.

Formerly the home of the Fine Arts Circle within the Dutch East Indies’ headquarters, the site has been transformed into an exceptional events venue. With capacity to host 1,000 delegates, facilities include a restaurant, an elegant lounge, a tea house and eight private rooms. The building remains faithful to its initial mission – to promote cultural exchanges – and dance performances, art exhibitions and poetry recitals are regularly held.

Another activity is ceremonial dining in which each guest is assigned a personal waiter and this experience is enlivened by live Javanese music.


Statesman’s regal palace for hire

An idyllic location on the bank of the Mekong River, framed by mountains, inspired former Lao prime minister Prince Phetsarath Ratanavongsa to create Xiengkeo Palace.

Situated within a 59,000-sq-m estate, this site now contains the Grand Luang Prabang Hotel and Resort. The original palace has been converted into a museum, with displays detailing the nationalist hero’s life. The 70-room hotel features a French and Laotian hybrid design, with high ceilings, polished marble floors and a panoramic view of the Mekong. This is a venue that offers outstanding accommodation for MICE activities, with event space surrounded by lush countryside.

A more historically entwined location for Luang Prabang-based incentives is yet to be found.


Museum provides historical backdrop

A private night in the exclusive setting of the National Museum of Vietnamese History can now be enjoyed after administrators opened this impressive facility to MICE activities.

This architecturally rich building was formerly home to the French School of the Far East during colonial rule and it dates back to 1925. Situated in central Hanoi, at the back of the iconic Opera House, it is among the first in Vietnam to incorporate a blend of Asian and French design elements. Exhibit highlights include bronzes from the ancient Dong Son culture, artefacts from the Champa Kingdom, jewellery from Imperial Vietnam and displays relating to French occupation.

A maximum of three hundred guests can be accommodated.


Secretive building opens doors

A once highly restricted building in the heart of the former capital Yangon has opened its doors to event planners. Private dinners, functions and exhibitions, either inside or outdoor in the courtyard, can be held in the Secretariat Yangon, the former administrative seat of British colonial rule.

This Victorian-style, red-brick building dates back to 1889 and it covers an expansive area of 40,000-sq-m. Once completely off-limits to the public – with access open to only government officials and dignitaries, this colossal structure has capacity for up to 800 delegates.

Asian Trails Myanmar considers this heritage building to be one of the leading and most unique venues in Yangon for large-scale MICE activities.


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