Nice Carnival by CMX Events


ZOOM ON one of the Top 10 finest carnivals in the world : Nice Carnival, South of France



The earliest records of Carnival’s existence in Nice date back to 1294. Historically, Carnival marked the last days before Lent, when Christians would fast, giving up meat, sugar fat and dairy. In fact, the word ‘Carnival’ derives from the Latin word ‘carnelevare’, meaning ‘to take out the meat’. It was also a celebration to say goodbye to winter and to welcome the arrival of spring. 

It grew to larger proportions in 1873, when Andriot Saetone, a Nice local, founded the "Festivities Committee”. Headed by artist Alexis Mossa, and later by his son, the committee transformed the Carnival into a huge parade that is today, with satirical and artistic floats, costumed performers, masquerades, and competitions.

The Nice Carnival happens every year during 2 weeks in February.

Over 1,500 artists come from the four corners of the globe to bring the 14-meter high floats to life.  4,000 working hours are spent preparing for the event over a six month period! Each year the carnival welcomes hundreds of thousands of visitors!


The Carnival is split in 3 key events : The main Carnival Parade, the Flower Parades and the Light Parades.



The Carnival Parade only takes place on one day during Carnival and is the most popular event. It consists of 18 floats inspired by the Carnival theme of the year (i.e 2018, “King of Space”, 2019, “King of Cinema” - 2020, “King of Fashion”). This spectacular parade features street theater and music bands from around the world, filling the atmosphere with music and colors. Definitely an event that will amaze the young and old alike.



This festive family event is quite unique and very popular. During this parade performers in costumes are throwing up to 100,000 flowers (90% of which are flowers that grow in the hills of the region) to the excited crowds along the route.. It’s up to you to make your own bouquet!

The tradition of the flower battles began in 1876, when young women would dress up in their finest garments and parade along the promenade in decorated carriages. Along the way, they would exchange bouquets of flowers with each other and their admirers.




This is undeniably the most breathtaking and magnificent parade you must absolutely see ! All the floats are decorated with bright lights as the night parade illuminates the heart of the city of Nice, the colorful authentic buildings and the charming cobbled streets. The atmosphere is joyful, crazy and exciting due to the loud music and entertainment.


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