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5 reasons to produce an event in Costa Rica



Costa Rica is known worldwide for its lush nature that attracts millions of tourists, but the country has diversified what it offers in order to stay current in a market that’s increasingly competitive, with a stronger aim towards developing its appeal for event production.

This country has great potential due to its favourable geographical location, its pleasant tropical climate, good quality of life, stable democracy, a wide range of hotel options that are known for being well established, and most importantly, its safety.

These are all necessary qualities to attract business people who are interested in event organization, from incentives with 100 people to conventions with 1,200 guests. 

Costa Rica is on par with the region’s main event production competitors. So, if you are looking for a destination, you can consider this tropical jewel that offers a complete product, allowing you to combine your obligations with a trip to a country full of volcanoes, forests, beaches, and a variety of adventure activities.

If you still are not convinced, here we will share five reasons to produce an event in Costa Rica.




Why produce an event in Costa Rica?

  1. Vision for touristic development

Despite being a country that is small in size, Costa Rica has big goals when it comes to development. It follows a global sustainable tourism model based on being in harmony with the environment, support for communities, commitment to clean energy sources, and a variety of experiences in nature. The objective is to stand out in the region in a permanent way.

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When choosing Costa Rica for the production of your next event, you’ll be able to see its responsibility, quality, infrastructure, and service excellence for yourself. Furthermore, each one of your events will be respectful of sustainability frameworks and environmental protection, qualifying it as a green service.

2. Exclusive locations

The “pura vida” country also stands out for its excellent infrastructure and its constantly growing hotel industry. Here, you will find diverse options for lodging and for event production, from all-inclusive luxury resorts, to boutique hotels and lodges.

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These locations have been created in large touristic regions with impressive event halls, the majority of which have ocean views. The objective is to inspire creative minds, promote excellent relationships, and facilitate high quality events. Furthermore, you are able to enjoy a unique cultural experience and stimulate your senses in an organic way, in close contact with local plant and animal life.

  1. Iconic landscapes


One of the many wonders that Costa Rica offers is always having nature present in some way, regardless of where you look, as the country’s 19,929 miles of territory are made beautiful by lush tropical jungles, volcanoes, and paradisiacal beaches. 

If you choose Costa Rica for the production of your next event, not only will you be in one of the safest countries in Central America, but you will also be in one of the cleanest and greenest countries, with landscapes that will take your breath away. Your event will stand out thanks to the iconic landscapes, and the first-rate personalized service.


 4. Inspiring activities

If you want to inspire your team with adventure activities beyond the production of your event, you will have come to the right country, as Costa Rica offers spectacular locations full of colour, culture, and tradition. It’s an ideal place to do thousands of activities that transmit the country’s true essence and that delight visitors.

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In no other country will you find such a variety of adventures, including: white-water rafting, ziplining in the rainforest, visits to active volcanoes, ocean fishing, ATV adventures, surfing, and cable car rides. These are definitely unique experiences that will stay alive in your team members’ memories for many years.

5. High quality suppliers

In Costa Rica, you will also be able to count on high quality suppliers who are well equipped for event production, and who will allow you to feel calm and trusting during every step of production. Constant communication during each process is the fundamental base, and as a basic rule of courtesy, you can count on punctuality and professional ethics. All of this will reduce the number of unexpected issues on the big day.

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