Costa Rica DMC


Costa Rica is the ideal Destination for an incentive programme



Incentive travel over the years has been the best way corporations to recognize their employees for achieving their yearly targets. Incentive travel to Costa Rica is no exception, and I would like to share with you the reasons why:

The land of the TICO´s is known for being on the Happy Planet Index and is ranked in the top 10 for the past 5 years.  Knowing you will be coming to a place that embraces that culture is inviting and is one of the memories most travelers take back home.  Did you know our nickname comes for putting the ending letters ¨tico¨or ¨tica¨ in mostly everything we describe?  For example, instead of saying I want a small piece: ¨I want poco¨. Costa Rican would say: ¨I want poquitico¨



Costa Rica is not an island but is a beautiful and diverse country settled in the belly button of Central America.  Costa Rica was founded by Christopher Columbus in 1942 and when he first arrived at our Atlantic coastline, he saw how green and lush it was.  The name Costa Rica in Spanish translates to Rich Coast.  Did you know that in 1948 we abolished the army and that every child is born in Costa Rica can be sure to have an education? We do not know how to fight, we do not like conflict sometimes we take too long to solve things because we tend to talk things over and over.


We have great weather year around or as we like to call it, an endless summer!  Maybe this is the reason why we are so happy. Or year is not divided into winter and summer. Our seasons consist of Golden Season which runs from December to end of April. During this season you won´t see a drop of rain, temperatures are high but nothing that a lot of water and maybe cold beer cannot solve. Then we have the Green Season which runs from May to the end of November.  These 6 months traditionally will be a mix of sunny mornings and some showers in the afternoon, which will be the perfect time to visit the Spa or just relax watching the rain. Rain here is not cold and a rainy day in Costa Rica is not like a rainy day in London.



Costa Rica offers the real ECO – Experience! Does not matter which month you choose to come the sun is always out the forest is always green or our trees are all blooming and giving you pops of colors. In the tropics there is always some fruit in season, with over 150 types of fruits and vegetables for you to try. Come and experience it yourself, we know you will not be disappointed. Let us be your local guide and expert.  I promise the worst that could happened is that you fall in love with this little piece of paradise!


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