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Beat the Lockdown Blues and support the NHS

Limassol Virtual Marathon by Honeywell Events and Pearl Representation


In order to be able to run the OPAP Limassol Marathon GSO Virtual Race simply register here


Honeywell Events and Pearl Representation are delighted to invite you to run the Limassol Marathon virtually. This event suits all fitness levels as you can choose from a number of options from 5 kms and up while supporting our NHS as they continue to work through this pandemic. We are only allowed to leave our homes for a few things during lockdown, but exercise is one of the reasons. Get inspired and help out

The history of Honeywell Events has been rich in tradition and innovation, carrying in its DNA 30 years of experience and leadership in the Cyprus’ DMC industry. Within these 30 years, Honeywell Events has emerged as a pioneer destination management company and events expert, offering unparalleled local knowledge, expertise, creativity for event design and planning and, above all, the best solutions with the highest level of service, for its most demanding and prestigious clients. Like Cyprus itself, we credit our accomplishments to hard work and visionary people working together.

Through our openness, passion, expertise and attention to detail, Honeywell Events’ primary goal is the challenge to always be unique and differ with the organization of multi-events.

For this reason, since 2006, Honeywell Events has further expanded its activities, by organizing the Limassol Marathon, the largest sports event in Cyprus counting 16,000 participants. The event is the official Marathon of Cyprus offering a flat, fast and coastal route and featuring 6 races and 4 parallel events.

Due to Covid-19, the 14th edition of the Limassol Marathon has been postponed and transferred to November 2021.

Therefore, as Honeywell Events’ vision is to keep the spirit of its running community burning through these very challenging times, it was recently announced by the company the launching  of a Virtual Race, which is the perfect opportunity to keep the body and mind healthy and alive until next year’s event that will take place in November 2021.

Honeywell Events takes the opportunity to invite all its partners and friends in the UK, to beat the lockdown blues and run the Virtual Limassol Marathon, which will take place all over the world, from the 21st of November until the 5th of December 2020.

Within these two weeks, all registered runners will have the chance to run the race of their choice, by completing the relevant amount of KMs and receive:

The registration fee will be €10, which will be donated to the NHS charities together, which supports NHS staff and volunteers caring for Covid-19 patients.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What distance to choose for the Virtual Run?

The Limassol Marathon Virtual Run is an international running event, in which you may run the distance you’ve registered for, anywhere around the world, with whatever pace, indoors or outdoors, on any day, during the active period of the run.

The available distances are: 

2. How do I enter the Limassol Marathon Virtual Race?

You can do so by following these simple steps:

3. How do I run the Limassol Marathon Virtual Race?

  1. Garmin 
  2. Apple 
  3. Suunto
  4. Polar
  5. Strava
  6. Map My Run
  7. Nike App  or any other GPS Tracking Device.

4. Is there a time limit?

The cut-off time for all individual races is 6 hours.

5. Will there be official results from the Limassol Marathon Virtual Run?

Yes, results and final ranking will be announced after the event of the Virtual Run, however the results cannot be used as a qualification for any international events.

For the Terms and Conditions of the Virtual Race, please click here or for more information contact us on