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Kurentovanje is Slovenia’s main spring cultural and ethnographic festival of national importance, the richest international Pustovanje (Shrovetide celebration) in the land. The unique Ptuj carnival legacy, which is deeply rooted in the mystical pagan character of Kurent and many other characters, is combined with attractive local features throughout the festival, such as ethnographic and carnival parades, presentations of ethnographic characters, concerts, dances in masks and performances.

This 10-day rite of spring and fertility is celebrated on Shrove Sunday in Ptuj, the oldest documented city in the region. More than 100 events, more than 5.000 masks and ethnographic characters, 900 kurents draws over 100.000 visitors. Vibrant Shrovetide time in Ptuj with vivid ethnographic and imaginary masks. Plenty of educational and cultural events and prime time Ptuj fun.

In 2017 Kurent’s door-to-door rounds entered UNESCO’s Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Here are some highlights of Kurentovanje: Kurent’s Jump, International Painting Ex-Tempore, Intercontinental meet of traditional carnival characters (Folk Parade), Bourgeois Parade, International Carnival Parade, different night spectacles and the last Shrove Tuesday and burial of the Carnival. Besides all the fun events and activities you must also try Top 5 Ptuj Carnival dishes such as Kurent’s platter, donuts, miške (deep-fried dough balls), Angel wings and Kurent’s soup.

Would you like your experience of Kurentovanje to be as fun as it can be? Then you shouldn’t hesitate and put on your favourite carnival costume.

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