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In the heart of the Sierra Norte you can find one of the most beautiful places in the state of Puebla. Thanks to its tourist attractions, and its exquisite gastronomy, the traditions that are still preserved, make it proudly one of the Magical Towns of our country.

But on top of that, this beautiful place is also widely known because its prodigious soil gives rise to a high production of apples, which is why it has earned a popular name like Zacatlan de las Manzanas (Zacatlan of the Apples).

Even one of its main tourist attractions is an impressive vitro mural made with tile and ceramic waste. This piece of art work perfectly portrays everything related to the cultivation of apples, in addition to some biblical passages.

As is tradition, this festival is celebrated in honor of the Virgin of the Assumption, patron of the fruit growers, who, through various liturgical activities, appreciate the harvest of the year.

Of course, during the holiday you will find an interesting exhibition based on everything you can create with apples. From wines, desserts, handmade soft drinks, etc.


As in any traditional festival, among its proposal of attractions, it highlights a circuit of rides, different cultural events, and an impressive fireworks event. Not forgetting the gastronomic pavilion with its exquisite variety of typical foods.



Is a town located in the northern sierra of Puebla in central Mexico (3 hours from Mexico).  The area is known for its production of apples, cider and fruits wines which are promoted through the annual apple fair and Cider festival. It is also to the Relojes Centenario Company, the first clock factory in Latin America and the builder of the city´s double sided flower clock in the main square. Zacatlan was designated a “Pueblo Magico in 2011”.


The weather
It is only during the winter that it gets cold enough to bring out the jackets and scarves, the rest of the year you will experience a fantastic weather, temperate sub-humid climate that alternates between sunny and cloudy days, but little actual heat or cold. Also, the air feels exceptionally clean as you breathe.

 The architecture
From the homogenized designs of its buildings to details such as the spectacular flower clock in the main square, this town is pure eye candy.

Between gardens, kiosks, narrow alleys and red shingle roofs, you will feel surrounded by the beauty of this place.



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The food

The best way to taste the flavors of Zacatlan is to enjoy a Requeson (ricotta-style cheese) stuffed bread with a glass of local cider.

The town is known for growing the best apples in Mexico, and you can find apple-based food everywhere: pies, jams, patties, candy, you name it. Also, we strongly recommend the tlacoyos, a corn-based snack similar to the tlacoyos that are popular in Mexico City.


The churches

The former Franciscan convent was built between 1562 and 1567, which makes it one of the very first churches in the American continent.

At Zacatlan, there is no competition between Saint Paul and Saint Peter: both apostles share a temple and even the statue that dominates the central altarpiece. Another church not to miss is the Señor de Jicolapa Parrish, a saint that people believe to have performed a lot of miracles.


The natural surroundings

Zacatlan is surrounded by natural wonders like the Tuliman Waterfall, a thousand-foot fall that will take your breath for a second as soon as you set your eyes on them.

Don’t miss the Piedras Encimadas Valley, known as “the Mexican Stonehenge”. At this site, piles of rocks form strange and enigmatic shapes the main feature of the zone is basalt rock formations in different shapes, created by erosion over millions of years. The Valley has been defined as covering anywhere from 100 to 400 hectares.


Pic by mexicodesconicido