MEET360 Events - MDINA


Let's discover a city – MDINA ‘The silent city of Malta’


Mdina has had different names and titles depending on its role and rulers, but its medieval name describes it best as ‘Citta' Notabile‘ or the ‘Noble City’. It was home then, as now, to Malta's noble families; some of which are direct descendants of the Norman, Sicilian and Spanish overlords who made Mdina their home from the 12th century onwards. Impressive palaces line its narrow, shady streets.  Mdina is one of Europe's finest examples of an ancient walled city, and is extraordinary in its mix of medieval and baroque architecture, with magnificent panoramic views from the bastions.


It is for this reason that we select MDINA for many of our special events, gala dinners in private and historical locations, team building on foot in the narrow, pedestrian streets or spectacular fireworks displays from the ancient bastions surrounding this fortified city.

Program enhancements – The ideal location for a themed and spectacular evening.  At the entrance of the City, torch bearers would await your guests, and lead them through the winding streets, towards the panoramic bastions. A concert recital in the cathedral enhanced by children dressed as angels. This unique location will provide you with an event fit for royalty.  VISIT MDINA during your next event in MALTA.