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Is it time to start planning, booking, travelling again?


The UK vaccination program continues to move forward with over 24 million people now vaccinated. Even though it feels like we have been lockdown and living in a world without travel for such a long time the reality is that it is only a year. In January 2020 we started to hear more about COVID-19 although it seemed to be confined to Asia, then it turned up much closer to home in Italy before spreading to all over the UK, Europe, and the rest of the world. Over the last 12 months our world has been turned upside down and all of the things that we took for granted have suddenly changed and we have seen flight bans, quarantines, red list countries and much more. While we watched the world shut down and the mounting casualties, the scientific community was galvanized and got to work at finding how this terrible virus could be stopped. We are now seeing all of those efforts come to fruition as more vaccines are approved for use. At the beginning of 2021 started we were dismayed to see a second wave hit the UK and many countries across the world, and the path to recovery really seemed insurmountable. Over the last few months, we have begun to see a glimmer of hope as the UK vaccination program started to gather pace. I was one of those people called to have my vaccination a few weeks ago and I did not waste a moment before going for my jab. After having my vaccination, it felt like we had started a new stage in this pandemic; we were no longer just hiding in lockdown, but we were fighting to get our lives and the industry back. Maybe we could start planning to see our loved ones, friends, and colleagues in the near future and that some form of normality might be on the horizon…!

On Monday the 22nd of Jan, the UK Government announced a lockdown exit strategy which in my opinion has been carefully planned so that we can gradually see the country going back to some form of normality with the aim for the world to start reuniting again. I acknowledge that we still have a long way to go but we have to celebrate how far we have come in such a short time. Data published this week shows that there is a 94% reduction in hospital admissions and severe disease in the vaccinated population. We are also seeing additional discussions at high level of how we use immunizations to restart safe travel with health passports. There is still an enormous task of vaccinating the global population, but we are now moving in the right direction. The UK announced this week that all adults would be offered vaccinations by July. Even though progress has been a challenge we are seeing countries across the world working on vaccination programs. The Travel and Hospitality industry has been hard hit through this crisis however I believe that we need to start conversations with our clients and start to understand what their short and long-term plans are. After the release of the UK Government strategy to unlock the economy we have seen a steady increase in the number of inquiries and people starting to discuss travel again and discussions on planning events.   


Article by Matthew Walker, General Manager of Pearl Representation Ltd