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Limassol: Vibe and Energy



The city of Limassol is located on the south coast of Cyprus. Built between two ancient kingdoms, Limassol features a stupendously rich heritage of culture and history. Limassol is the place to be in Cyprus now. All new arrivals in terms of hotels, restaurants, venues and nightlife options are featured in this Mediterranean gem. Forty-five minutes away from the two international airports of the island and half an hour away from the richest rural area of the island, Limassol is the crown jewel of the Cyprus MICE product!

A day in Limassol will start with the favourite habit of Cypriot, a strong traditional coffee. Whether you will enjoy the morning coffee at one of the sun kissed terraces of the best 5-star hotels on the island (Parklane, A Luxury Resort and Spa, Amara Hotel, Amathus Beach Hotel, Four Seasons Hotel) or on one of the sea breezed promenades of the old town and the Limassol Marina, is your choice.

The day continues with a cultural tour to the ancient kingdom of Curium, where one of the best-preserved Roman Amphitheatres in the world is located, and then it continues with a short haul trip to the picturesque wine making area of Cyprus. There you can enjoy traditional food and top-class wine in either a modern state-of-the-art winery or at a family owned build one. Of course, many prefer to just have their wine in the village square, where they can interact with the locals and indulge in the easy-going island life. The rural area of the island is also an excellent opportunity to interact with the traditional art and handicraft.

Saying goodbye to the rural scenery, it is a matter of half an hour to get back in the city. The serenity gained in the village will not be spoiled, however. This is because all the resorts in the city are build around huge green and pool areas, creating an oasis 10 minute away from a city centre.

After a good rest and as the night-time falls, you will have to get ready to experience the best culinary scene on the island. Whether you long for fresh fish cuisine, fusion plates or international variety, Limassol has it all.

This is a personal narrative of Limassol. A MICE guest will experience all of the above. Throw in the mix state of the art conference facilities, brand new 5-star accommodation options, good vibes and lots of energy. Limassol will be the definite base of your next successful event! Honeywell Events DMC can offer expertise and support for your event in Cyprus. For more infomration contact us on sales@pearlr.co.uk