Let’s Discover a City with iDMC


Let’s Discover a city with iDMC

Ljubljana, Slovenia’s capital, combines the charm of a small city with the self-confidence of a large European capital and is one of the hidden gems of Europe. The city’s rich history, beautiful architecture, green surroundings, and friendly people attracts more visitors every year. The streets of Ljubljana are filled with cafes, bars, and restaurants where visitors can explore the cuisine of the country and meet the locals.

Ljubljana is a city with an outstanding history. It was 2000 BC when the Ljubljana Marshes was first inhabited by people living in pile dwellings. Later Ljubljana (then called Emona) was one of the most important cities in the Roman Empire. Artifacts from the era when Romans ruled this part of the world are still found to this day. The narrow streets and the architecture in the old part of Ljubljana city centre, exhibit remnants of medieval times. It appears as if traces of history are shown in every part of Ljubljana.

Though there are countless reasons to visit Ljubljana at least once in your lifetime but let’s point out some of the best ones: its green soul and compact size, quality meeting venues, state of the art equipment and great service, an array of special event venues, creative products, numerous international accolades, really amazing people, a great culinary experience and of course beautiful scenery all around. 

Experience Ljubljana for yourself and we promise you and your delegates will fall in love with it!