TERRAEVENTS Italy - New concepts activity


Fashion lovers? This is for YOU!

Atelier Sangalli Private Tour & Private fashion show in Milan, the city of fashion

Milan is one of the fashion capitals of the world; enjoy a unique “backstage” experience of the city’s fashion scene visiting the atelier of the illustrious fashion designer Federico Sangalli.  You’ll tiptoe into the minute workshops to see the skilled seamstresses hard at work on splendid pieces from the haute-couture collection including the maestro’s unique creations of luminescent gowns using state of the arts optical fibre fabrics.

You will also have the chance to attend a private fashion show as in the 50s, a parade customized only for you is a truly unique experience that allows you to see up close the world of fashion.

At the end of this unique experience you will also be able to meet the fashion designer in person, chat with him and have an aperitif together! This uniquely Italian experience can be tailored to your groups requirements with the expert assitance of the Terra Events team. If you would like additional information on this or any other activities please contact us at sales@pearlr.co.uk